DOI 10.25577/6w78-nn28


The maximum communal intensities for mainland France in the dataset are taken from the BCSF-Rénass communal intensity database, which contains almost 126,000 points. Since 1921, the BCSF-Rénass evaluates these intensities on different scales of macroseismic intensities (MCS, EMI, MSK-64, EMS-98), all graduated from I to XII. Because of the strong similarities between these scales, the differences are generally smaller than the uncertainty of the estimate itself. For this dataset and its cartographic representation, a direct equivalence between the different scales and the EMS-98 scale was used.

More information on the dataset and its construction, as well as on the associated map, can be found in the corresponding note.

This collection is a product of the BCSF-Rénass, a National Observation Service (SNO) labelled by the CNRS-INSU.


Dataset and associated map are freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC BY 4.0)


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