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In May 2018 a seismic sequence began near the French department of Mayotte. In the months that followed, unprecedented scientific means were mobilized to try to understand the origin of this crisis in an area with poorly known seismicity. Since May 2019, oceanographic campaigns financed by the government (MESRI, MTES, MOM, MI) and implemented by IFREMER and SHOM have allowed the discovery and monitoring of a major underwater eruption underway 50 km east of Mayotte. As of August 20, 2019 this eruption had produced about 5.1 km3 of lava.

This page lists the last events recorded by the seismological stations of Mayotte, Comoros and worldwide networks.

Note: to follow the news of the scientific campaigns and to obtain the bulletins of follow-up of the seismo-volcanic activity in Mayotte, consult the site of Révosima, the volcanological and seismological monitoring network of Mayotte, and that of the BRGM.

The seismicity catalog data is freely available under a CC BY 4.0 license.

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